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About Us

Learno is a conclave of instructors and learners, with a two-pronged goal, which is to:
a. Help learners find world’s best instructors and trainers
b. Help instructors become entrepreneurs by expanding the reach of their master programmes

Challenges for Learner
High-quality instructor-led education is scarce in the online world. Learners, most of the time, either end up enrolling in a self-paced course with no interaction or have to join a local instructor with limited teaching skills. Further challenges for the learners:
• Not all "good" instructors are good for everyone - one size doesn't fit all
• Even if learners know a good instructor, they can't always access their classes due to location and availability challenges
• Productive time is wasted in traveling to the training center
• Cost of classroom-format education is unaffordable to many

Challenges for Instructors
We have known and researched instructors with brilliant teaching skills and subject matter knowledge. However, their reach is very little beyond the city limits. Why?
• Learners cannot travel beyond a certain limit to access the classes
• Instructors have to invest a lot in marketing to make their course popular in a larger region
• To go online, instructors need to build and adopt the right technology which is a monumental task in itself
• Other business challenges need to be addressed such as establishing a business model, scaling strategy and so on

How Learno is solving the key challenge?

• Offering an unmatched experience to the learner by honing technology that will deliver the desired experience
• Establishing Techniques and processes that will enable scale
• Investing dedicated efforts in enabling trusted instructors launch their programmes on Learno
• Connecting with the right set of learners and educating them about the instructor and the programmes offered