[Recorded] Debt vs Equity: Business Financing Technique

Join Dr. Anil Lamba to understand the impact of debt and equity on profitability

The age old question that has been bothering businesses decision-makers is – should the business be financed using debt or should it run on equity? This question is equally important on the investor’s side as well: which type of business should I put my bet on?
If we explore the data, over $60 Billion venture capital, i.e. equity funding, had been invested in the U.S. alone in 2017. On the other hand, average size of loans, i.e. debt financing, taken by small businesses is about $371K. Therefore, it is evident that both debt and equity has its own pros and cons – some businesses prefer to run on debt and others on equity. So it seems that the answer to the question we asked in the beginning is – ‘IT DEPENDS’. But then, it depends on what? The confusion created by this question has landed numerous businesses and investors into a financial quagmire.
The upcoming webinar will reveal the strategy to take business financing decisions that generate more returns for the business and investors. If you are an investor, entrepreneur, business decision-maker or an aspiring corporate professional – this webinar is for you. This information-rich webinar will open your world to new techniques and ideas of business financing.
Join Dr. Anil Lamba, a bestselling author and an international corporate trainer in finance, as he discusses the impact of using debt and equity on the business profitability.


    Understand which type of businesses are likely to return better results to shareholders
    Learn how debt financing is different from equity financing for business owners
    Understand the impact of financing techniques on profitability
    Gain insights into how businesses get impacted by tax, dividends and interest on borrowings

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    Duration65 mins
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    Start Date5:30 AMMar 25, 2018
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